Noya in Wonderland and little secret how to make shot like this. I use 20mm lens to get this out of proportion look. Usually you don't use 20mm for portrait but, is some cases is working nice. I under expose my picture in 2 stops to get sky looking darker and more dramatic. I light the face with one speed light fired thru umbrella. Distance between camera and Noya was very small so her head will look bigger and overall will give me this unrealistic result.

Against the sun

Shooting against the sun You need, Any Camera, Any Lens, and very important, one light. Most of us invest in more lenses and we forgot about the light . Why is so important to have light in your camera bag? You never know what light condition you will get. You go to location with your model and there's too much shadow, too dark, or sky full of clouds and everything is flat. Or too much sun. We have option to use reflector but reflector we cant control like speed light, And usually reflector requires another person to hold it. So, Light is the Solution! Simplest way to shoot model in the sunset is. Set your camera like you shooting landscape. Ignore the model and don't use the speed li

Spice up your portraits

Step by step how i build this image. I seat in side the car. Glass you see, is just a car window. Water on the glass is not the rain , just a water that i spray to create rainy day. I ask my model to make a face like she want me to stay, not to leave her. So simple!!!! Camera i use for this shot was nikon d7000, lens ordinary 50mm. i use shallow depth of field and focus on the hand to create this dreamy , going away like feeling. Light in this photo was simply reflection of the sky in the window. In processing i increase contrast and transform to black and white. Making portraits you must remember that first thing is emotion that you need to focus on, and then comes the rest.

Flying Knife

You can try this in home! I bet you think how to do photo like this. i was coming back from work and this image came to may head. I said to myself i need to do it. Soon i reach home i knew how to do it. I hang kitchen knife on the very tin fishing wire, i put my camera nikon d7000 with 50mm on tripod. i place myself in to position like i am throwing that knife. Camera was set to f/1.4 and focus just on the tip of the knife, So wire will be not visible and background will be blurry. Light came from the window behind me. I set self timer to triger the camera. And thats how this shot was made. No need special equipment, just little bit of imagination.

Out door studio

This picture was made not in the studio. In fact I made this picture in the forest . And wasn't dark . It was bright sunny morning . I tell you how I did it. On the branches of the trees I hang black piece of fabric as a background . I choose place in the shade. So I have less sun as possible. I want it to eliminate strong ambient light. I use one speed light with 60x60 soft box. Remember soft box works best when is placed closest as you can to your subject (model in this case) Position of the light is also important . I kept standard 45/ 45 degrees. When you using speed lights , your camera should be set to manual mode. I set shutter speed 1/200 of the sec. That was maximum fla

Back Focus Button

How to make this type of photo? If your object you want to photograph is moving fast and is moving in your direction. First and most important factor is, you need a good looking dog like my Ema. Second thing you need is to have nice location, with good light. so, to get blur behind my dog i use nikon lens 70-200 2.8 i set my camera on 2.8 so i get blur. Now, to maximize my blur i set my lens to 200mm and i position myself in closest distance to get the frame i want. That's how you get the bokeh blur effect. But there's more to it. My object is moving fast and is moving to my direction. what to do ? We all know that, focusing is hard in situations like this. First, your shutter speed

Rembrandt Light

Rembrandt light. I know it sound sophisticated. Wow Rembrandt !!! But is not. Generally the subject is placed at a 45 degree angle to the light . This technique produces an illuminated triangle on the cheek closest to the camera. The triangle will illuminate just under the eye . The face should appear illuminated on one side and heavily shadowed on the other. And you cant go wrong with this set up. Face Always will look good. Trick is. to add some reflector or another source of light. If you use only one light, the Rembrandt Light. you will have dark shadows. We all love shadows but if they are dark with no detail in it , thats not to good. Is always good to add reflector to bounce the

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