I am not going to go to to construction of this lens and how solid is build and what is made of. I am going to give you my private review, my first impression after taking few shots. As a portrait photographer i must say i was waiting for this kind of lens. I was so disappointed that Canon makes 85mm 1.2 and Nikon cant make it. But finally Nikon make some big step and made it happen. There's a reason why Canon can make 1.2 and Nikon not, but i will not bore you with those details. So. NIKON 105mm, wow what an amazing Focal Length, perfection for portrait. Aperture, wow again! f/1.4 an amazing aperture combining with 105mm focal length. The 105 mm focal length combines with a shortest focusi

Better Portraits

Little story of the shot Study your subject before you make portrait, know little bit about the person, observe. I know it may sound funny to you but i also choose lenses to specific faces. Some faces in my eyes look better with bit wider angle lens and some less. Some fit more to studio and some to outside. So this girl on the picture, she is friend of my daughter from school. She is coming from time to time to us to visit my kid. I always notice faces, always watch people expressions. After a year of knowing this child i said lets make her one shot. I thought to open quick studio set the lights, but then i i would loose her wildness on her face. I could scare her with all the lights. Kid

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