Rembrandt Light

Rembrandt light. I know it sound sophisticated. Wow Rembrandt !!! But is not. Generally the subject is placed at a 45 degree angle to the light . This technique produces an illuminated triangle on the cheek closest to the camera. The triangle will illuminate just under the eye . The face should appear illuminated on one side and heavily shadowed on the other. And you cant go wrong with this set up. Face Always will look good. Trick is. to add some reflector or another source of light. If you use only one light, the Rembrandt Light. you will have dark shadows. We all love shadows but if they are dark with no detail in it , thats not to good. Is always good to add reflector to bounce the light on dark side. And like on this picture i add back light to separate my model form the black background. Black On Black. So. what did i use to make this shot; black background, beautiful model, black scarf, 2 lights and reflector. camera Nikon d800, Nikon lens 70-200 2.8 , Godox Lights. My F was f/2.8. Usually in stdio i don't use so wide open aperture, but for this shot i want it to give this little depth. Usually to gett all nice and sharp i use F6-F9. speed 1/200 sec iso 200 length 190mm Ps. Simplest and most amazing light set up for ordinary portraits. worth trying. and in the end welcome to my workshops

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