One light set Up

One light, that's all you need. Model with beautiful lips and good skin.

Scarf on the head, covered eyes making more interesting picture, more dramatic and leaving viewer

with question. Untold story.

Black background for more drama. One light with small Beauty Dish.

I place my light 45 degrees above model. I use speed light Godox Wistro 360. i love this lights, not expensive

and they do very good job. And they are portible, you can take them anywhare, no need for power outlet.

Camera nikon D810 with lens nikon 70-20 f2.8. My setting was F5.6 1/125 sec, ISO 200, 90mm.

Light was set to 1/64 of the power.

Pictures like this are great to experiment your lights. trying to set correct power, placing light in different ways,

all up to you. you are an artist. Bottom line is worth trying to play with light.

And all you need is one manual speed light that you can fire remotely.

For more info, follow my web side and my blog where you will find many interesting information about photography.

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