Beauty Dish

Beauty dishes are a great tool for producing nice portraits the light produced is harder than a softbox but softer than an umbrella. You can also add different modifiers to change how they work. Like, grid to direct the light or softener witch is white fabric that you put on it that will soften the light.

So, beauty dish with nothing i would use for larger subject, for portrait i would use with grid if i want to light up specific part of my object and for softer look i would put light softener, the white sock

I love to use beauty dish for out door portraits. Combining with ambient light can give you amazing results. Harder light that beauty dish produces can give little drama. The good thing about the beauty dish is that it sculpts facial features and creates beautiful shadows and catch lights. A catch light is the glint or spark in a model’s eye.

Another good thing is that beauty dish don't produce a hot spot witch means light is even from center till the edge. For example umbrellas are producing a hot spot because light is in the middle and is going directly to the subject, center of the umbrella is stronger light and out edges are weaker light.

On this picture i use beauty dish. I also use hss flash because it was very sunny and i wanted to darker my background and i want it to keep my aperture wide open.

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