How to look good on Photos

As a photographer I often meet people that are very shy on front of the camera. People that think they don't look good on photos. With lack of confidence. I often hear, Thomas Is going to be challenging for you to make me good photo. I have bad hair today. I didn't sleep good and I have dark under the eyes. My skin is bad. I have double chin. I am fat. And then I hear this. Can you do me Photoshop ? Can you make me slim ?

Can you photograph just my face with no body?

Well, truth is. We all have beauty in us. We all have this special angle that will take out the best from us and we will look good on photos.

I always say to my customers, just be yourself, relax and trust me.

I created a little list of what I think is important to look good on photos.

1. When you wake up in the morning on the day of shooting, first thing you must tell yourself is:

I woke up every day more and more beautiful, but today ! I reach the limit . Beauty out of control.

2. Be yourself . You want to be you on photos not somebody else.

3. Relax and trust the photographer

4. Make a good make up, make up that will be comfortable to keep all day. Matt make up looks better.

5. Dress comfortably, dress the way you love.

6. If you feel bit overweight dress with darker colors.

7. Double chin ? Get your camera slightly from above. Right angle can hide it. You can also place your hand with gentle touch on your chin.

8. Close your eyes for a moment and open just before the snap.

9. Drink plenty of water before the shooting. Your eyes will look better.

10. Let your photographer lead you. More photos you take more to choose from. Remember that photography is a game of averages. Even Miss of the world don't get her photo perfect in one shot.

11. Don't say cheese !!! Joking with photographer is better solution for good natural smiles.

12. your freckles, the gap in your teeth, how squinty your eyes get when you smile. Instead of trying to hide those things, embrace them! You will look much more photogenic in your photos that way.

13. Show your emotions. Don't hide how you feel. This is the part when good photos are being made.

14. Bend you Joints. Move gently and slowly. turn your head from right to left. Be Natural.

15. Create curves with your body. Simply don't stand strait like tree.

And the last and most important

Choose good photographer

Me Me Me !!!!

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